Your Job as an Architect

You don’t necessarily need a degree to know more about feeding tank details for cichlid fish as you can easily get them from this link Though, you’ll definitely need to have an architecture degree if you are pursuing a career in this field. Yes it is true that completing an architectural degree could be a long and daunting process but, the rewards are truly amazing.

What type of Architect You can be?

Still, there are a lot of newly graduate architects who end up uncertain where to start or eventually found out that they don’t want to become architects. But if you are really focused to succeed in this field, here are few careers you can pursue.

Landscape Architect

Such architect is focused on designing outdoor landscapes which include but not limited to public areas, agriculture, infrastructure as well as forestry which essential to bind both rural and urban areas. But above everything else, it is important to respond for climate change and globalization.

Additionally, you can see the involvement of such architect in environmental restoration, storm water management and recreational areas. If you are interested in such tasks, then this may be the path for you.

Urban Planner

Due to the rapid increase of world’s population moving into cities, the conditions of the metro are facing influx. Urban environment has a dynamic state which makes it more exciting to work as an architect. The person that’ll be chosen for the job will be covering everything from demographic and economic changes all the way to sustainable development.

It is a big responsibility to take but undoubtedly a challenging one as it will require problem-solving skills and adaptability on a big scale.

Restoration Architect

The history and heritage of our society as presented via architecture aren’t just through a glimpse of our past. But also, this is carried out by showing an understanding of our culture both past and present as a discipline.

For sure, it is a challenge to conserve and restore and expect that you won’t always be able to please everyone. In spite of the beautiful solutions presented, what the media only see towards restoration is a massacre to heritage.

Architectural Design Strategies that are Sought Today

As years go by, there are increasingly more architectural strategies being implemented in building designs. While the primary consideration will always be the cost among civic building planners, remember that shelling out more upfront to attain sustainable strategies is still the most beneficial. This not just offer huge savings in the long run but also, it can create a positive impact on wellbeing, air quality and ultimately, regenerative future.

Just in case you are not aware, sustainable architecture is the utilization of design strategies that are geared in reducing negative environmental impact. Architects are taking several things into consideration when working on a plan which includes:

  • Storm water management
  • Energy management and;
  • Site landscape

Then after, it will be using eco-friendly systems as well as building materials throughout construction. Just as when you religiously follow tips to maximize the information you learnt from anmeldelese av betakaroten to have better health, the same thing goes with architects in implementing these sustainable architecture strategies. Following are just few of the designs applied:

Number 1. Passive Sustainable

Passive strategies similar to considering climate and sun orientation are used to make the most of natural ventilation and daylight.

This may seem nothing to the uninitiated but to architects and building owners, this play a major role in reducing the building’s energy requirements.

Number 2. Active Sustainable

Here, architects are consulting with both the electrical as well as mechanical engineers in an effort integrate high-efficiency plumbing, electrical, HVAC and several other systems in the building. The best part about this is that, these systems are intentionally designed to have small carbon footprints.

Number 3. Renewable Energy

This includes those that are harnessing wind energy, solar power and everything in between, hence the name. These are actually awesome options for other buildings. The systems are typically used along with passive design strategies.

Number 4. Green Building

In relation to this design, it uses green materials and finishes. By making it top priority to buy concrete, steel, lumber and finishing materials like furnishings and carpet from companies that are using recycled materials or responsible manufacturing techniques, architects are capable of improving sustainability.

4 Tips to becoming an Even more Successful Architect

Architects are facing tons of challenges and distractions at the same time from managing contractors, dealing with clients and working on collaborations. Not to mention, they have to be constantly updated with the latest technologies and software, draft planning apps as well as paperwork.

Project schedules are becoming shorter than they were ever before. Building types are now more sophisticated and advanced. Being architects, it is critical to work not harder, but smarter. But the thing is, how we are going to make the most of efficiency and effectiveness? How to managing the ever-growing flow of information and how to design faster and better without making compromises? Almost similar to growing your Twitch followers to be an architect, there are tips and approaches that can be done to make this happen.

Tip 1: Learn the Difference between being Efficient and Effective

Being efficient is doing things in right manner while being effective is about doing the right things. Both of it is important but you have to do the right things first before you could do them in right manner. Now, try combining these two and you will be able to work smarter, not harder.

Tip 2: The 80/20 Principle

80 percent of your outcome is the result of the 20 percent of the effort you have invested. Concentrate on the results and not on the works.

More hours doesn’t always indicate that there are more results generated.

Tip 3: Have an Outline to the Process

Yes it is true that every project being worked on is unique in its own ways. However, the milestones and tasks in every project are almost the same. Being able to outline the process will help you in seeing where you should make the elimination of unnecessary steps or making the process to become more efficient.

Tip 4: Create a Checklist

Basically, majority of the project management software lets you make to-do lists and checklists. After outlining the process, you may now create a checklist for every phase of the project. This way, you know that you are just on the right path and that you can complete everything on time.

Architecting Marketing Campaigns for Architects

Big fraction of architecture firms are lacking budgets or have a dedicated team to perform marketing. Thus, they need to be really strategic and smart on how they can bring in new projects and spread their works. It is indeed a difficult feat but, it is doable and if you really are diligent and committed with your work, you can even do it for free.

On the other hand, if for example that you have spare budget lying around, you may take advantage of hiring SEO services by Shoutout Digital to widen your reach and scope in the internet spectrum. Then again, the next points are organic (free) ways to attract new clients.

Maximizing Social Media

Social media marketing is not a fad. It’s the real deal in engaging with clients and exhibiting completed projects as well. It’s unfortunate though that most architects are slow to adapt to new environment. In fact, marketing through social media is also backed by renowned architect Jody Brown. Architects must show interest in using social media and learning it as it’s where people flocks and a good conversation starter.

Establishing Trust in Your Brand

If there is one thing that you have to invest within the reach of your architect-marketing budget, then it should be focused on your brand. You can do this by making a website that carries major components of your firm. While doing so however, see to it that you design it with your customers in mind. It is true that architects are great in terms of designing remarkable architectural feat but when it comes to websites, it is best left to pros. Hiring professionals can build a site that can tell story to clients of what the company is about, its previous work and everything in between.

Keep in mind that everything you do will be part of your brand and not just your website, but also your presence in social media, elevator pitch, clothes you’re wearing, car you are driving and how you present yourself.

Speaking of Elevator Pitch…

In this industry, networking is king and you have to plant your seeds. The best way of doing this is by telling people of what you do. You never know which among these people will lead you to new projects and acquaintances so keep on planting.

How Buildings of Today Combat Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters aren’t new. However, it is somewhat disturbing to learn that they are happening more often these days and leaving millions of dollars in damages in its wake. Believe it or not, in 2017, there were reported 15 natural disasters in US alone. Each of which has been accounted to cause over a billion dollars in damages. This of course does not go unnoticed in social media. In fact, several pages and social media managers like have their fair share in spreading the news around.

On the other hand, in response to the growing cost and prevalence of natural disasters, it pushed builders and architects to embrace new materials and develop new technologies that will be able to endure these natural calamities.

In fact, there are numerous ways to which building design developed and some of them will be discussed in this article.

Higher Resilience

In places similar to US, disaster resilience becomes a critical topic in construction industry. Builders ought to create commercial and residential buildings that have the ability to withstand forces of nature such as:

  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes

Not to mention, these buildings should be able to quickly recover after a disaster.

Buildings that have resilient designs as well as materials are now more common, particularly in areas that are vulnerable to floods, tornadoes, fires and hurricanes.

Since they’re designed in a way that it’ll have minimal damage throughout such events, owners often spend less throughout recovery.

High Winds

As a matter of fact, high winds are one of the biggest harbingers of hurricanes and tornadoes with winds that can exceed 100mph. Anything on its path is sure to be destructed. Most of the traditionally built properties are oftentimes not equipped to deal with such force. Thus, they face serious repercussions from:

  • Flying debris that penetrate structures
  • Ripped-off roofs
  • Houses being lifted from its foundation

Since natural disasters involve high winds and becoming a lot more common these days, builders work hard in constructing buildings that could weather the storm. Fact is, the majority of same practices used in hurricane-prone areas are used in places to which tornadoes and hurricanes to prevent further damage.

3D Architecture Rendering

Imagine having the ability to see your new development project or home without even spending money to build it. Amazing isn’t it? That is exactly what 3D floor planning does. It is a virtual version of development or home you’re planning to either renovate or build. The difference is, it gives you enough time to think and plan through it.

You’re given with a birds-eye view of the entire architecture with any obstructions removed. That way, you can see the layout from the inside. 3D floor planning is being used by developers, architects as well as homeowners that will able help in ensuring that you’d get only the optimal results for your project. In this virtual space, you’d be able to see the doorways, walls and the entire flow of property, making it a valued tool in the industry.

The Purpose of 3D Rendering

If you’re about to build a house or have a development project, then 3D rendering would serve an exceptional tool. It gives you an opportunity to see the finished project before even starting it.

From facades down to lighting fixtures and everything in between, this lets you guarantee that you’re going to get everything that you need and want from the new design.

This technology has totally changed the environment of engineering and architecture for it gives you the ability to see what exactly the development or home would look like once done.

How it can Help You?

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of benefits that 3D rendering can help in the project.


  • Realistic imagery – with 3D image and 3D floor planning creation, you can clearly see everything. This makes it simpler to grasp how the project looks like at completion. It gives you an idea of how rooms are related to each and how you may use the space within the house. Truth is, you can use the same in finding the perfect placement for your AC and have optimal execution of AC repair Elk Grove ca when the time comes.


  • Color matching – as you take advantage of 3D floor planning, you’ll be able to see how colors work in between rooms from walls to flooring even to the outdoor area. Therefore, you can see how the elements are working together throughout the house. The same can be done on fixtures and furniture placement.

This is just a basic idea of how powerful 3D rendering is when used by professionals and experts in the industry.