Both Sexual attraction as well as sexual arousal display two very crucial hormones known as dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones produce happiness, pleasure and bonding.  Therefore, although having sex on a daily basis isn’t needed, regular sex is a terrific advantage and even play a vital part in most relationships in terms of commitment, content, and happiness.

A decrease in sex drive is one of the reasons why many men and women lose interest in sex because of lifestyle, health concerns, sexual discomfort especially in women because of less lubrication, stress and other factors. This could lead to less and lack of sex which could impair a relationship.

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Love Feng Sui Tips For Your Bedroom

Apart from good sex, having a tidy and comfortable home could also improve relationships. And to attract more love and have a better relationship, you may want to consider some of the many feng sui tips to do in your home.

  • Put Colors On Your Wall and Window Treatments. Your bedroom wall color as well as the color of your window treatments must complement each other for a balanced and stable flow of love as well as sexual energy.
  • No Extra Rooms in the Bedroom. This means no living space or walk in closets or any space that is separated by a room divider. Feng sui experts claim that this welcomes infidelity or unfaithfulness into the relationship.
  • Put Your Bed on The Right Spot. Don’t sleep with your head below the window and refrain from placing your bed in the corner as you and your partner might have that feeling of being trapped. Both sides of the bed must be accessible.
  • No TV in the Bedroom. It distracts and disrupts intimate connection, romance and sleep. Moreover, a television is categorized under the element of fire and attracts the Yang energy, something that you don’t want in the bedroom.
  • Choose a Symmetrical Bedside Furniture. Bedside furniture must be similar since it encourages a sense of equality and the concept of good partnership.