As per experts in the industry, architecture must be regarded as a tool to better understand our society than just considering it as a profession. As climate change is becoming a real threat to the world, it is the right time for people worldwide to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Trained in space manipulation as well as principles of design thinking, these architects have the ability of finding innovative and clever solutions to solve serious global problems.

Problem: Large Scale Housing Projects

Solution: The desire for better life and better opportunities lead to mass movement from rural areas to urban places, particularly in India. The worsening economic climate and lack of space have made people to live in unhygienic conditions.

Each and every major city in India nowadays has one or several slums that are developing in a steady pace. This later on caused problems in effective city management. Architects on the other hand can take over by providing a low-cost housing option among people who below to low income groups. This way, slum areas could be redeveloped and keep genuine interests of its existing occupants.

Problem: Redevelopment of Infrastructures in Urban Areas

Solution: With the demand of our ever-growing population together with the growth of urban area limits to satellite towns, many infrastructures have to be redeveloped. This is in an effort to accommodate people’s demands too.

The safe and efficient public transportation, safe and hygienic waste disposal strategies, better civic amenities as well as focus on providing multifunctional space for general public are only few of the critical aspects that architects can provide assistance.  Architects are also very familiar of what time is 2100 because it sets as a discipline in their industry to deliver optimal service.

Problem: Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Solution: Let us use India again as an example for the sake of this article. It is a tropical country and one that has rich culture of different approaches for passive ventilation. As much as steel and glass look imposing and grand, we’ve got to face that these buildings are liability not just to its users but also, to the environment as a whole.

Building of artificial ventilators is among the leading elements that resulted to global warming. Architects have to take up the surface to explain to clients the advantages of a building that uses indigenous materials as well as incorporation of vernacular design principles. This way, the buildings will create a positive impact on user’s health and of course, the planet as well.