5 impressive Clothes Designed With 3D Printing Technology

From bikini to accessories to a complete dress. Artists, Makers, and fashion designers from all over the world are experimenting with 3D printers to create exclusive, unique, and amazing garments with the help of 3D printers. Here we have collected 5 impressive items of clothing from the 3D printer.

3D printing is not only used by architects but is now used not only for prototypes, spare parts, decorative items, and scale models but is also increasingly used by the apparel industry. In this article, we would like to introduce you to five particularly impressive items of clothing that have been manufactured with a 3D printer. Of course, the selection is far from complete, which is justified by the worldwide use of the technology.

1. Fancy dress
In the exhibition #techstyle, which was on view in 2016 at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, this extravagant dress was presented, among other things. Sometimes the clothes were printed directly on the model’s body. We were particularly impressed by the futuristic aspect of this dress.

2. Cape made of feathers
The designer Niamh Lunny developed this interesting cape together with the design studio Love & Robots, which was made with the help of a 3D printer. The filament used for this is skin-friendly “skin-safe nylon”, which does not scratch. Probably the world’s first 3D-printed cape is called “Plumage”, which weighs just 800 g and was made from 6,000 individual moving parts.

3. Chanel suit
At Chanel too, 3D printing is becoming increasingly important. In 2015, a model from Karl Lagerfeld presented the typical Chanel suit, which was made with 3D printers. For this purpose, SLS technology was used, which provided the suit with a thoroughly futuristic touch. In the meantime, Chanel has also had a bust for mascara and a boyfriend skeleton watch made using 3D printing technology.

4. Jacket by Techwear
A good jacket is a great investment. That’s why Techwear offers quality techwear jackets that are stylish and comfortable. From parkas to windbreakers, these jackets have gone through thorough design for quality and sustainability. These days, jackets and shoes can be easily designed with 3D printing technology to meet the requirements of a good jacket to shield you from severe heat or cold.

5. Fashion and accessories
The company Airwolf3D was also represented at CES 2015. They introduced the so-called “Material Girl” Sandy. The outfit was completely made with a 3D printer. In addition to the dress, it also includes matching shoes and a small handbag. The designer Cameron Williams was responsible for the development of the 3D-printed dress. He opted for a tank-like design. ABS, Wolfbend TPU, and TPE filaments were used for production.

3-D Printed Clothing