Architect’s Guide 101: Office Rules in Wearing Headphones

Music is considered as liquid architecture, while architecture is categorized as music that is frozen.

Nowadays, the norm that circulates in the field of architecture is the wearing of headphones during working hours to cope up with the architects’ crucial job. This becomes a common habit for most architects working in the office. The younger staffs are the ones that popularly practice this music plug in.

However, for architects, headphones that are worn at the office will generally benefit their profession. It is a fact that listening to music aids not only those architects, but also every employee, to pass time in their office. But, the question is the quality of performance of their job as architect.

Architect’s Office Rules for Using Headphones

The list below is the fundamental rules for wearing headphones in the office of architects.

Acceptable Rules:

  1. Listening to music with the headphones on during working hours.
  2. Using headphones for a specified time of the day.
  3. Listening with the headphone on your own working place.
  4. Lowering the volume of your headphones to be able to hear someone calling you.
  5. Nodding your head to the beat of the music.

Unacceptable Rules:

  1. Listening to podcast, movie or audio file during working hours.
  2. Using headphones most time of the day.
  3. Listening with the headphones while roaming around the office.
  4. Making the volume of your headphones in volume that you aren’t able to hear someone calling you.
  5. Utilizing your pen in playing drums on the desk while listening to music.

Keys for Learning:

Usually, the working environment of an architect is a distracting one. This applies true in an open space working area. The common scenarios in an open space office are hearing other employees talking about something or hearing the keyboards sound of the other workmate. With this, using headphones while listening to music can assists you in masking the environmental distractions.

On the contrary, there is no definite proof that listening to music with the headphones on will boost someone’s focus. There are even studies showing that hearing music while working is somewhat distracting. Because of this, it would be better to put on those noise cancelling ear phones or open back headphones without any music playing on.

How to Choose A Sump Pump Based on Your House Design

A successful house design has objects that communicate, respond and balance with each other.

Your house design is one of the most important factor to consider in buying the appropriate sump pump. Regardless if your home is a combination of classical or modern architecture, the thing is that a basement should be present.

However, before buying a sump pump you must first consider the time of buying. Purchasing a sump pump during rainy season is not a good idea. You might have trouble placing it in the basement due to the flood.

On the other hand, there are various sump pumps available in the market. You may read to check for the sump pump model that fits your taste and that is appropriate to your house design.

Choosing a sump pump

Below are some factors and tips that you may consider in choosing the right sump pump.

1. The type of a sump pump

Basically, a sump pump have four types namely the sewage sump pump, a sump pump with a battery backup, a primary pump, and a combination pump. Remember that the primary pump should be present in a sump pump that you are planning to buy.

Since this disaster prevention device works during the rainy season where power shortage are prone and is operated mainly by electricity, you should consider to have a sump pump with battery backup. Sometimes, the battery backup do not work as well. So, better to have a water-powered sump pump.

2. Quality of material

One of the most important factor to consider in buying a sump pump is its material. Keep in mind that a sump pump you are buying should be made up of high quality material since it is generally used during rainy season. The sump pump should be made of metal that is corrosion resistant and with durable PVC piping.

3. Consider the right horsepower

Generally, horsepower of a sump pump ranges from 200 to 400w. It may vary based on the size and type of the pump. Take note that a sump pump with a greater horsepower will give higher gallons per minute.

4. Sump pump size

Usually, a sump pump that is generally located at the basement won’t need to be big. It is better to select the appropriate sump pump size depending on your needs.

5. Sump pit fixed measurement

Always remember that the sump pit should have a diameter measurement of around 14 inches and greater. The water delivery out of the pump is affected by sump pump diameter. That’s why it is better to consider this factor.

Consider Buying Good Scopes

Rifle hunting and shooting are equally popular pastimes, however to be able to become prosperous in both of those pastimes needs the ideal gear. If you’re like most other beginners, you will likely concentrate on the type of rifle which you ought to use. It’s likely that you’re likely to spend some time visiting various sites and shops so you are able to acquire the ideal gun scope to suit your demands. What you most likely don’t see is the gun scope is equally as crucial as the rifle you decide on, actually, some specialists will even say it’s more significant than the rifle and you need to be careful to buy the very ideal extent which you are able to spend.

Things to Consider

Select a range that’s intended for the activity you’re engaging in.

Are you currently deer hunting, bear hunting or would be the goal to take at non moving targets? Each one these items have an effect on which sort of scope you’re using.

What type of gun you’ve got.

Gun scopes are not universal, meaning your scope has to be created to your rifle you’re using. This applies to exactly precisely the identical brand rifles also, if the extent is not created for this, it just will not do the job.


Purchasing a scope using an adjustment capability can help you to shoot much better. A range with modification choices permits you to correct for things like elevation and wind and helps to ensure that you take more accurately.


Guns are not toys, they’re resources which are frequently banged, bumped, thrown, dropped etc. The durability of your rifle range is important whether you’d like it to continue so long as the rifle will.

Check out scope options here:

This will be important regardless of what type of shooting which you want on doing. The more energy (the farther away you may see) that the costlier the scope will be. Consequently, if you do not have to see over 40 yards, then you are able to purchase something with less electricity compared to somebody who wishes to have the ability to divide a hair over the bull they’re shooting. Obviously, you can find different things which will impact your rifle range buying decision, like your own funding so read Scope Reviews. Beginning with these hints, though, can allow you to come across a fantastic range to satisfy your gun along with your requirements.