In all we do, the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation is complemented with its assignment: to spot save, and utilize substantial places from the Pittsburgh region which can be 50 years of age or longer whilst the key to strengthening communities and construction pride one of the men and women who live out there. This is just a guiding principle that’s become the cornerstone of our participation in a variety of areas which range from metropolitan areas to suburban areas, and rural areas.

Albert M. Tannler was Ancient Categories Manager of the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation as January 1991. A lot of the posts concerning the background of design and the arts from Western Pennsylvania have emerged at PHLF News and also the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Focus Magazine.

From the 1950s and 1960s at Pittsburgh as in a number of different cities, urban “renewal” meant ruining a lot of their present built environment. Pittsburgh’s “Renaissance” may or David L. Lawrence has been quoted as saying,

” town does not have any worship of milestones. On the contrary, it requires joy at the swing of this hassle ball and the wreck of falling brick”