Architects are responsible for the design and planning of a project. In addition to that, they’re in charge as well of the visual appearance of various structures and buildings. The word “architect” means people registered with local governing body. In order to be licensed, these people ought to meet specific professional training and at the same time, pass an exam.

Licensed and Certified

Though it is possible to acquire architectural services from someone who is not licensed, they can’t just call themselves as architects and can’t sign documents related to construction. Let’s put it this way, you can call yourself a driver but will not be allowed to drive on public roads unless you completed your Otherwise, it will put everyone’s safety in danger.

Project Collaboration

Architects are working together with other professionals similar to HVAC and civil engineers in delivering qualified designs. Architects additionally have different responsibilities throughout the life of a project from:

  • Performing initial drafts
  • Attending meetings
  • Inauguration of a building

Architects are also appointed by clients and they’ve the duty to gather the necessary information and ideas to come up with a functional space that not just meets client requirements but also, compliant with codes of the state or city.

By the time when a client reached out to an architect, a meeting will be followed by it to talk about the requirements and needs of the project.

There will be several meetings that might take place until each side is satisfied with the design and concept. On the other hand, designing the whole structure is a monumental task for one person only. This is why architects are commonly seen working with structural and civil engineers to talk about possible technical issues as well as structural integrity of the building.

Project Discussion

Architects are hired by clients to prepare a detailed design of an idea or concept that the client wants. Discussions and meetings with multiple team members as well as engineers will be held prior the approval of a certain design. Some topics that should be discussed throughout every meeting will include the expected budget, requirements, safety, local planning regulations and site characteristics among others.